Important Tips for Treadmill Safety 

Important Tips for Treadmill Safety

Safety should be prioritized for all treadmills that are in gyms or homes. The quality and duration of your workouts are important, but if you are not taking the proper steps to ensure your treadmill is functioning properly or taking the correct safety measures to protect yourself, then you will want to reconsider the way you are approaching your workout sessions. Below are some things to look out for when considering safety on your treadmill. 

  1. Use your safety key!: These keys are often ignored, and yes, being tethered to your treadmill can be slightly inconvenient, but these keys are vital to minimizing the chances of what could be a minor injury turning into a major one. If you were to fall, even treadmill belts moving at slower speeds could cause injuries, as they are essentially sandpaper rubbing against your skin.
  2. Warm up and cool down: When you are beginning your workout it is important that you not only start with a moderate speed but also end with one as well. Warming up with a lighter incline and speed setting will ease you into the more intense portion of your session, which can prevent injury by ensuring your muscles are properly warmed up. Cooling down with a lower setting is also important to help your body return from the intensity. Lowering the speed to cool down also makes it safer to exit the treadmill, since the speed is lower, you are not just throwing yourself off the treadmill at top speed, which can also prevent injury. If you notice any problems with your settings that prevent you from getting a proper warm-up/cool-down, look for treadmill repair services in Milwaukee for the best treadmill experience. 
  3. Keep the area around your machine clear: Place your treadmill in an area with proper clearance on all sides, consult your owner’s manual for specifics. If you fell on your treadmill and were thrown into a wall behind you, that would likely cause even more injury. Also, keep clutter away from your machine, as if something were to happen, your feet may not be quick enough to avoid these obstacles.
  4. Wear appropriate, supportive footwear: Treadmills and flip-flops do not mix! By running in appropriate footwear you are minimizing the chances of tripping and falling.
  5. Be mindful of your posture: Over time, poor posture can result in other long-term issues. If you are watching something while running, be sure your screen is at eye level, to maintain a neutral posture. This is one of the reasons we do NOT recommend consoles with integrated entertainment screens, as running while looking down is not recommended.
  6. Keep your head up: As simple as it may sound, staying focused on walking, running, or jogging on your treadmill can significantly impact you. Checking your phone, looking at your feet, or messing with the control settings in the middle of a workout can cause you to lose focus, leading to falling off balance and could lead to injury. Make sure you have your desired workout settings established beforehand and put your phone on do not disturb to limit any distractions. 
  7. Apply lubricant: Lubricant is crucial to the longevity and functionality of your treadmill. Lubricant reduces friction between the belt and the walking deck, which can help prevent any unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. 
  8. Keep your treadmill maintained: Routine maintenance is key to your machine’s health and yours. Maintaining your treadmill, and specifically ensuring your walking belt and drive belts, and all frame hardware are appropriately tensioned will go a long way in minimizing your chance of injury. If you feel there is a problem with your current treadmill, make sure you contact a Milwaukee treadmill repair service. 
  9. Wipe your treadmill down after workouts: Not only do you not want sweat accumulating on the console and handrails, but also dry up any sweat that may have fallen to the treadmill belt, as this could be a slipping hazard.
  10. Keep kids and pets away: Keeping children and pets away from treadmills (and all fitness equipment!) is crucial for their safety. The moving parts can trap clothing or fingers, causing injury. Children might also fall off the moving belt, leading to serious accidents. Curious attempts to operate it can increase risks. Always supervise children near treadmills to prevent accidents.

If you’re encountering any issues with your treadmill, whether small or significant, seeking repair services is crucial. At Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair, we provide expert services to guarantee your treadmill operates flawlessly. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 414-246-8921 for treadmill repair services in Milwaukee, WI. We’re here to support you in maintaining your equipment at its best.

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