Thank you for your interest in Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair, LLC.

We are ALWAYS looking for dedicated and driven individuals who enjoy working as a team to provide outstanding customer service. If you are just looking for “a job,” Huff-n-Puff is NOT the place for you. Please take your time reading through this prior to filling out an application, we take our purpose and values very seriously.

Jennifer Rivera Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Tina Schwab - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Eddie Cooper - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Ryan Falk Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Claire Thompson- Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Jodey Charette - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Michelle T - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Sam Chidley Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Dan Thompson - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Ken Clark - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Mike R - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Sam Stevens Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair
Dennis Stockemer - Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair

Our Purpose

We are reshaping the perception of field service in EVERY industry, by providing customers with a team of professionals dedicated to fixing fitness equipment urgently, precisely, and with the highest level of customer care.

Our Values

  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We support the ongoing development of each other, both personally and professionally
  • We have fun while we work, with each other, our customers and vendors
  • We stand accountable to our customers and each other for the quality of our service
  • We insist on a healthy balance between home and work
  • We pay attention to detail and perform each of our duties with a purpose and sense of urgency
  • We adapt to obstacles we encounter to achieve our goal
  • We recognize and reward strong performers

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