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No, it is much easier for us to come to you then it is for you to bring the machine to us! All work is performed at your machine’s location. This prevents transportation damage to your machine as well as preventing injury to your back.

We keep a limited amount in stock, but are not able to maintain a full inventory due to the wide range of machines we service. In the event you need parts, we will contact you the day after your visit to quote the repair. Once approved, we will place your order immediately. When the parts have shipped and we have a tracking number, we will contact you to schedule an appointment in anticipation of its arrival.


Not at all! Your scheduled time will be a four-hour window, with a courtesy call 20-30 minutes before the technician arrives. If you need more notice than that, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


  1. Please restrain all pets that are in your home. We have pets ourselves, but we do not want to risk any injuries while working on your machine or even walking in and out of your home.
  2. Please have ample lighting available. Some of the machine’s nooks and crannies can be difficult to see.
  3. Please clear a work area around the machine to ensure easy access for the technician.
  4. Please confirm there is electrical power being supplied to the machine.
  5. Ensure the machine is fully assembled unless specific arrangements have been made with our office.
  6. Machines MUST be in a climate controlled environment between 60-80F. If the machine is not in a climate controlled environment between 60-80F, it will be at our technician’s discretion whether or not to proceed based on the environmental conditions upon arrival. If our technician is not able to service the equipment due to unsafe or inadequate environmental conditions, the customer will still be responsible for ALL agreed upon charges due or paid, and diagnoses for machines in temperatures outside of this range CANNOT be guaranteed.

We’ve written an extensive blog article about why machines exposed to water should NEVER be used.

It depends. Per manufacturer specifications, machines MUST be located in an environment between 65-80F. If your machine is not in an area within that range, we will not be able to service it until it is.

We cannot. The high humidity level combined with vaporized pool chemicals will very quickly oxidize the interior of machine frames. Simply put, machines in pool rooms should be treated as machines that have been exposed to water.

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