Ask the Wolf! Maintenance Questions

How should I generally maintain all my fitness machinery?  

  • Wipe the machine down after every workout. Sweat and other dirt not only harbor bacteria growth, but also damage components when it’s allowed to accumulate.
  • Vacuum the area under and around your machine. Dust buildup damages moving parts and electrical components. For an added layer of protection, ask about our equipment mats that are proven to make the dust bunnies run for cover!
  • Check for loose nuts, bolts and other hardware. Don’t take our word for it, search for Various Treadmill Accidents on YouTube and see for yourself!

How should I maintain my treadmill?  

  • Ensure the walking belt is not scraping on either side. It doesn’t need to be exactly centered, but rubbing on either side will drastically shorten its life.
  • Confirm the walking belt is sufficiently lubricated. Every three months or so check the underside of the walking belt. If your machine requires paraffin-based lube, the bottom of the belt should feel slightly waxy. If your machine requires a silicone-based lube, the bottom of the belt should feel slightly oily. If your machine is dry, we have you covered. A tip from the pros: WD-40 and 3-in-1 Oil are NOT on the approved list!

How should I maintain my elliptical?  

  • If the machine’s rollers (and the rails they ride on) are exposed, keep them extremely clean!  When sweat and dirt accumulate, both the bearings and wheels wear unevenly. This results in a very bumpy workout!
  • Keep all joints lubricated. Depending on the workout YOU give your machine, a little extra grease will keep the joints moving smoothly and quietly.

How should I maintain my upright or recumbent bicycle?  

  • Ensure pedals and crank arms are secure. Loosening in either one will result in various ticks and clicks.
  • Check the drive belt/chain for proper tension if you feel slipping. Belts and chains will loosen and stretch over time and may require tightening.

How should I maintain my strength machine?  

  • Check the chrome guide rods for pitting and scoring. Lubricate them if necessary. Damaged rods can result in premature bushing wear, decreasing the ability to glide smoothly.
  • Check the cables/belts for cracked coating or exposed steel braiding. This is a leading cause of injury.
  • Ensure the cables have not slipped off a pulley. Verify that the pulleys are able to spin freely and easily.

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