Ask the Wolf! Lubrication Questions

My manual says Do Not Lubricate. What should I do?  

The manufacturer doesn’t want you to ruin your machine with the wrong lubricant, but your treadmill will not last without proper lubrication. The Treadmill Doctor says it best: “The truth of the matter is just like there is not a ‘no maintenance’ car, there is also not a ‘no maintenance’ treadmill. Put simply, if you don’t maintain it, it will need parts replacement quicker than if you do maintain it.”

What are the benefits of keeping my machine lubricated?  

  1. Less friction → lower amp draw → lower power consumption and healthier electronics.
  2. The lubricant we use and sell is specially formulated to repel dirt and debris, lengthening the life of your belt and deck.
  3. Properly lubricated parts will always outlive under-lubricated parts.

Is it possible to over-lubricate my machine?  

Yes! Over-lubrication will not only make a huge mess and possibly damage your carpet or flooring, it can also be flung into the motor compartment and short the electronics. Even more dangerous is the possibility that it could seep up the sides of your belt and saturate the surface of your running belt. A slippery running surface can result in a fall, twisted ankle or even worse. When lubricating your belt, be sure to avoid over-saturation.

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